Nurse Practitioners

Advanced Nurse Practitioners complete an initial nursing qualification, and undertake further post qualification training. Practitioners can work independently, diagnose treat and manage patients in a similar way to a doctor. They work alongside the GPs, who mentor and supervise the care that is provided if necessary.

Mrs Heather Campbell (f)

Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Prescriber.

Mrs Liliana Barnard (f)

Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Prescriber.

Mr Jason Kennedy (m)


Practice nurses are qualified and registered nurses. They can help with health issues such as family planning, healthy living advice, blood pressure checks and dressings. The practice nurses run clinics for long-term health conditions such as asthma or diabetes, minor ailment clinics and carry out cervical smears.

Nurse Susie Johnston (f)

Marshfield and Wick Surgeries.

Nurse Amanda Cargill (f)

Colerne and Marshfield Surgeries.

Nurse Margaret Lewis (f)

Colerne Surgery

Nurse Susanne Read (f)

Wick Surgery.

Nurse Dawn Cable (f)

Pucklechurch Surgery.

Nurse Diane Warsinski (f)

Marshfield Surgery.

Nurse Katarina Gergelova (f)

Pucklechurch and Wick Surgeries

Healthcare Assistants

Mrs Louise Cooper (f)
Miss Amy Sparrow (f)
Mrs Karen Attwood (f)

Healthcare assistants support practice nurses with their daily work and carry out tasks such as phlebotomy (drawing blood), blood pressure measurement and new patient checks. They may act as a chaperone when a patient or doctor requests one.


Phlebotomists are trained to perform blood tests. They assist the practice team in taking blood for analysis when this has been requested by one of the GPs or Nurses.

Mrs Caroline Yallaoui (f)