Asthma Review

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Spirometry and FeNO Testing

We are starting to invite patients for these two types of breathing tests, which can help with the diagnosis of asthma.

Spirometry is the main tool used to diagnose asthma. We can complete spirometry for any patient aged 18 and over.

FeNO is particularly useful to clarify the diagnosis compared to other lung conditions like COPD, and to ensure that treatments are working optimally. It is suitable from Age 8 into adulthood.

If you have received a message inviting you to have a either of these tests -some information about this is listed below.

Information about your Spirometry test

Information about your FeNO breathing test

Please read this fully before attending your appointment, as there are some important do's and don'ts 

Many thanks,
Dr Richard Greenway
Sarah Watts

May 2024

For patients who are due an annual asthma review.

Please would you answer the questions on the form below and submit it to us.

If your symptoms are deteriorating or you have any concerns, please make an appointment to the respiratory nurse or a doctor as well.

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