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Welcome to The Three Shires Medical Practice

We are a group practice with four surgeries in the villages of Colerne, Marshfield, Pucklechurch and Wick. We serve a large area of around 100 square miles. Each of our surgeries has a full compliment of staff, with onsite dispensary.

For opening times and Information about your surgery please click on your surgery name above.

At some surgeries you may be asked if you can travel to one of our other surgeries for some services, due to space constraints.

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 Patient Participation Group

Managing Partner Statement & Petition

General Practice nationally is under huge pressure, and locally our main challenges are financial. Funding to GP has been flatlined or cut,  with more cuts announced. Any new monies are not allowed to be spent on Doctors or Nurses, and are difficult to fully access. When Hospitals have long waiting lists, and Ambulance delays -patients need to come to us more often for help. We believe strongly in the value of GP practices rooted in their communities, but these need to be funded to match inflation at least. Many GP surgeries are closing nationally for the first time in my career. This is not a sustainable position.

I have personally been lobbying sitting MPs (including Luke Hall and Michelle Donelan) and politicians from all major parties since 2022, as well as the BMA, LMC and others to help fight our corner. Dr Brian Mathew approached us in April following concern from a local resident /patient. He supported us with a petition to support our cause. Please sign up if you feel able- and put some free text if possible (1500+ signatories so far). This helps to show the strength of local feeling amongst the public.

Petition · SAVE OUR SURGERIES! - United Kingdom ·  

For clarity, Dr Mathew is Local Councillor, and now prospective Lib Dem candidate for the new constituency which includes Colerne. Dr Mathew, Cllr Phil Chamberlain (Colerne, Green) met with the Partners recently see what additional support can be rallied for our Surgeries, and had ideas to further help us.

As a GP, I support people of all political views, genders, religion and ages -so for transparency I want you to understand why we are having to engage politicians so that our voice is heard.

At Three Shires, our Partners are all dedicated to keeping our four sites open and operational. There are no immediate threats of closure to any site, but we are having to review our levels of service provision, for example ECGs and Dressings. We are really hoping that things will improve! We are lucky in having an active Patient Participation Group (PPG) who we speak with regularly, and who have been a major support. We will keep you informed -please sign the petition if you can.

Many thanks

Dr Richard Greenway  3/6/2024

Long Term Conditions

If you have a long-term condition such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, hypertension, pre-diabetes, asthma or COPD you will be invited to annual review of your condition(s). We aim to review all long-term conditions in your birthday month.

We will let you know when you are able to book your appointment via a text message or a letter. You may need to see more than one clinician depending on your condition(s), however we will try and combine appointments where we can. 

For more information about the appointments please see the leaflets below. 

Long-Term Condition Appointments Patient Information

Diabetes Appointment Patient Information

Is your long-term health condition affecting your mood or causing worry? NHS Talking Therapies could help! They provide practical mental health support which is proven to people to help improve their mood and live better with a health condition.

Find out more in this short Youtube video: NHS Talking Therapies - Long Term Health Conditions

You can contact NHS Talking Therapies directly with any questions or to request an appointment: call 0333 200 1893, or visit the website: 

Covid + Flu Vaccination Programme

We will contact you either via text message or via a call to book your appointment when the 2024/2025 campaign kicks off. 

We will be offering to all eligible patients.  Please wait to be contacted.

Community Pharmacies

For access to community pharmacies during bank holidays please see find a pharmacy webpage

PPE and Masks

For Practice Administration Staff not in direct patient contact, or behind screens, masks are optional. Clinical staff will continue to wear PPE when seeing patients, but will assess risk individually. We continue to ask patients to wear masks when seeing clinicians face to face, and while waiting in the waiting room for any period. This is very important if you are ill, cough cold or temperature due to the risk of infecting vulnerable people in the surgery. Many thanks for your continued co-operation. 

Firearms Application
Medical Reports- Feb 2022
new Fee

In January 2022 , the Police Firearms Licensing Authority have introduced stricter checks on new firearms applications and renewals. They now have asked applicants to obtain a report from their GP prior to renewal. This new process is comprehensive and time consuming for us, involving a GP reading an entire medical record, and vouching for the presence or absence of medical conditions. Although we understand their position, they have declined to fund or pay for this process which they have effectively transferred to the NHS. Due to the complexity of this, we will now charge £86.67 +VAT  for completion of these forms, which we have to return directly to the licensing authority.


Social Prescribing Comes to Three Shires

To find out how the Social Prescribing Team can support you please read these information guides Information Sheet  Leaflet  

Green Social Prescribing in your area  - find out about the Health Benefits of Green & Blue Spaces

Live Long and Well- An Information leaflet designed to help you stay in control of your own health 

Mental Health Support

Mental Health Support

Every Mind Matters

Every Mind Matters - NHS (

Find your little big thing for your mental health:

There are little things we can all do to lift our mood or ease our anxiety – we need to find what works for us. This could be as simple as taking a walk in nature, prioritising our sleep or opening up to a friend. Our little thing, if we keep doing it, will make a big difference to how we feel.

NHS Talking Therapies

Are you feeling low, worried or stressed? NHS Talking Therapies could help! They provide practical support which is proven to help people improve their mood.

You can contact NHS Talking Therapies directly with any questions or to request an appointment: call 0333 200 1893, or visit the website:

For more information about NHS Talking Therapies you can also visit visit: NHS talking therapies for anxiety and depression - NHS (

Friends and Family Test

We would like to hear your feedback! CLICK HERE

We will be submitting monthly returns of your feedback. This could be from patients, families or visitors to our surgeries.

Improved Access 

We are working together with other local practices to offer more appointments in the early mornings, evenings or at weekends. Please contact your Surgery if you require more information.

Working within our current staffing capacity we are doing our best to ensure that you have access to additional appointments outside of core hours.  As a result you may be offered an early morning or evening appointment. If this is something you would prefer please ask about availability when booking an appointment.


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