Carers Information


Are You a Carer?

Do you look after someone who is ill, frail, disabled, has mental health or substance misuse problems? If this person would not be able to manage without you, or would have difficulty, you are a carer.

By registering that you are a carer with the Practice it could mean that we are able to offer you more support Click Here to complete a carers registration form.

There is a wealth of information on NHS Website about carers and caring. Below are some links that we hope you will find useful.


Support for Carers

Every second Wednesday of the month Senior Carers Support Officer, Neil McIntosh from Carers Support Centre, offers a ‘Carers Surgery’ for the patients via phone. Neil can help you understand more about what help and support is available to you as a carer, including:

  • advise on Welfare Benefits and entitlements
  • having a Carers Assessment 
  • applying for a Carers Emergency Card 
  • referring you on for further support such as counselling, carers groups, training courses and workshops

To book an appointment please contact your surgery directly

You can also register with your local Carers Support Centre and find out about support in your area:

South Gloucestershire Carers Support Centre

0117 965 2200

Wiltshire Carers Support

0800 181 4118

Bath Carers Centre

0800 0388 885


Your Health

If you feel that your health is suffering due to looking after someone, please make an appointment to see a clinician. Your surgery can help you to look after your own health needs with knowledge of your caring role.